Friday, July 2, 2010

Man Of Style

Dear Jarvis,

Why can't everyman dress as dapper as you?
Lanky lanky dandy man - I do believe vintage blazers were made just for you.
And that eccentric charm of yours- makes a rumpled saville row suit feel completely at home.

Yes truly there ought to be more dapper dandy gents out there - don't be afraid of a jacket and tie boys!
Take if from Jarvis, there needn't be anything stuffy or uptight about it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aforementioned Teen Angst Corner

The newest addition to my lovely home, neon green carpet, floor cushions, albums, record player (, ipod dock (i mean... i'm a realist not a purist), guitar (prop at the moment) and mountains of magazines. The perfect place to hide and find inspiration. If I crouch down really really low... nobody can see me.

Homage to Dusty Album Covers

I remember more than once having the conversation or debate or rather maybe full blown argument depending on the verbal opponent - which has more influence over the other music or fashion? I personally think its a bit like that chicken and the egg question - they just work together and thats that. Some musicians have the most amazing personal style, others may need a little help (hey we aren't all great at everything). I have found, as an editor and stylist that I often find inspiration or just total all out admiration for the wicked looks on album covers... and by album covers, I mean vinyl. Old beat up - bent corners scratched album covers. There's nothing better than finding an oldie but goodie in the basement of Ye Olde Thrifty Shoppe in Nowheresville, CA. As that is where you will find those gems for an absolute steal. I love these dusty old sleeves and sit in my teen angst corner with album and record player and just take in every little detail.

Take The Style Council's (my inspiration for the blogs name) Cafe Bleu - I mean these gentlemen (Paul Weller and Mick Talbot) just look beyond cool - every detail is perfectly put together without a care - as it should be for any proper rocker. Their proper and functional mac and trench coats buttoned up and blowing in the breeze just so, and those cuffed high water jeans with the white socks and loafers - evoking a little nod to a mod mod past.